The National Lacrosse Federation (“NLF”) and its six founding member lacrosse clubs (Baltimore Crabs, Big 4 HHH, Laxachusetts, Leading Edge Elite, Long Island Express and Team 91) are excited to announce a two-year affiliation with four highly acclaimed lacrosse clubs. Over the course of the next two years, the West Coast Starz, Edge Lacrosse, Mesa Fresh and Eclipse Lacrosse Club will be affiliated with the NLF and each club will attend all NLF events.

According to Sean Morris of Laxachusetts, “An affiliation with clubs of this caliber is consistent with the NLF’s mission to create an organization of the most elite lacrosse clubs in North America.” Additionally, the affiliate clubs’ most talented players will be given invitations to all individual events hosted by the NLF. “We want to play the best,” said Brian Spallina of Team 91. “From everywhere, and anywhere. Whenever we play. So a partnership with these four clubs had to happen.” NLF team events will always consist of a small number of elite teams with talented players, such that every game is extremely competitive.

“The NLF believes that this combination of skill and competitiveness is instrumental in attracting college recruiters.” Said Billy McKinney of HHH. Adding these affiliate clubs to NLF events will provide the NLF with some of the best players from the West Coast, Canada, the Main Line of Philadelphia and Fairfield County, Connecticut; create an unrivaled level of play and allow the NLF to be very selective about the clubs it invites to signature NLF events. “Gaining the West Coast Starz to evaluate and select the talent coming out of the West Coast, and Edge to do the same in Canada, streamlines and strengthens our selection process for the Futures event at IMG next January,” said Mike Chanenchuk of Long Island Express.

“It's exciting to think that our Futures event will be even more competitive next year.” Mesa Fresh Founder Bob Aitken summed up the advantages for his club. “With the proliferation of lacrosse events across the entire year, it has become harder to identify the best quality events for our players and their families. The NLF agreement allows us to offer our players and teams consistently top-notch competition. The competitive landscape our players will be around is second to none." The NLF will be hosting a number of elite fall events, which will be attended by the NLF founding members and the newly announced affiliate clubs. In addition to these ten clubs, the following NLF fall events will also seek to include a select number of other top clubs from around the country

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About the National Lacrosse Federation Founded in 2015, the NLF brings together six of the leading lacrosse clubs in the country who all share the same values, professionalism and love of the game. Working with likeminded organizations from around the U.S. and Canada, the NLF also seeks to run elite events for elite players and club teams.

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